White and Metal Crowns

Any little prince or princess who deserves to be treated like royalty may require a crown at some point. These help protect weak teeth from breaking, hold a cracked tooth together, restore broken or worn down teeth, and can even be a cosmetic fix for misshapen or seriously discolored teeth—helping to build self-esteem and confidence.

Even baby teeth can benefit from a crown if they’re damaged from decay or if a child is at high risk for tooth decay.

Just like a filling, there are white or metal crowns available, and each has their pros and cons.

Dental Crowns

Stainless steel crowns are “pre-fab” and can be used on permanent teeth as a temporary fix. These types of crowns can protect a tooth or filling, and are more often used on kids who need to protect their baby teeth. They don’t require numerous dental visits. Stainless steel crowns are durable and affordable, while lasting until the baby tooth falls out.

Metal Crowns

Metal can withstand pretty much anything a child can throw at it, from rigorous chewing to biting. It lasts the longest, and metal doesn’t usually break or chip. The biggest downside is the metallic color. This doesn’t matter much if the crown is in the back of the mouth, but for teeth near the front, metal can turn a smile into a blingy grill pretty fast. Because of this, other white options are used for the front teeth.

Going Natural with White Crowns in Lacey & Tacoma, Washington

White crowns are a little more prone to chipping, but look very much like “real” teeth. Only you, along with your dentist can decide which crown material is the best option.