Pediatric Dental Services

There was a time when going to the dentist only had two perks: Getting out of school and the inevitable ice cream or yogurt afterwards (given there were no cavities and the dentist approved, of course). Let’s face it—going to the dentist at any age isn’t most people’s idea of a good time. But it can be.

Pediatric Dental

At Smiles 4 Kids, our pediatric dentists, hygienists and healthcare providers definitely play favorites. In fact, we prefer working with kids so much that it’s all we do. Offering a full range of services from digital x-rays to routine cleanings, it’s all about really giving kids something to smile about.

Pediatric Dental Service with a Smile: Cafeteria-Style

Need a little of this and that? Kind of like cherry picking your favorite treats in the cafeteria, Smiles 4 Kids offers everything kids could possibly need for healthy, growing teeth (except chocolate milk—you’ll have to go to the real cafeteria for that). Pediatric dentistry is our specialty, including fluoride treatments and fast, easy digital x-rays.

Whether you need exams and cleanings or full dental restorations, we’ll take care of those teeth whether they’re still baby teeth or big kid chompers.

Dental sedation is available, because we’re all about pain-free dental care. We also treat emergency and trauma situations faster than a speeding bullet so your Superboy or Supergirl can get back to saving the world one play date or homework feat at a time.

Finally, a Get out of School Free Card That’s Fun to Boot

The next time your kid gets the afternoon off, make it count. A trip to the dentist really can be fun, fast and pain free at Smiles 4 Kids. So get ready to choose your favorite fluoride flavor. Kick back and watch SpongeBob on the big screen while getting your cleaning.

And remember, that post-appointment treat is right around the corner!