Fluoride Treatments

Except for the post-dentist treats and getting out of history class, the fluoride treatment is the best part of seeing a pediatric dentist. There’s no brushing, flossing or cavity treating involved—all your little one has to do is pick out their favorite flavor and enjoy all the perks that fluoride can provide.

Pediatric Dentist Fluoride Treatments


As an adult, you might swish with fluoride mouthwash whenever you can remember—but do you know all the benefits of fluoride treatments?

To your child, it’s simply the grand finale of a trip to the dentist. However, fluoride treatments actually help to strengthen the enamel on teeth and can even reverse the impact of tooth decay.

All teeth have their own natural defense system that wards off cavities and decay: Enamel. Bacteria can chew away at enamel, and even healthy treats like berries can slowly erode this natural defense mechanism into oblivion.

Fluoride Treatments Are Like Armor for Your Teeth

Fluoride treatments help children to develop healthy, strong teeth. It’s an all-natural mineral that is found in many foods and water. It basically replaces tooth nutrients that are lost over time. Think of fluoride as armor for your teeth—it replaces minerals, strengthens the enamel and instantly fixes tiny holes. Post-treatment, teeth are also more resistant to acid, which prevents future decay.

That’s pretty cool, especially since fluoride comes in a range of flavors from bubblegum to grape.

Get Fluoride for Your Children in Lacey & Tacoma, Washington

Anyone can benefit from fluoride treatments, but children six years old and younger can make the most of these treatments. True, kids in this age range usually have a lot of baby teeth remaining. However, fluoride can also stop bacteria from building up, combats gingivitis and sets little ones up for a lifetime of good oral care. Let’s face it, four year olds and their peers probably don’t have the best brushing and flossing techniques, no matter how many times Mom or Dad shows them the ropes.