Exams and Dental Cleaning

An exam and dental cleaning is the bare bones approach that can be expected at a pediatric dental appointment. It’s the no frills treatment, but it can still be a little scary for newbies. Sure, your child might look forward to the short day of school, but they might also not know what to expect.

Pediatric Dental Exams

For really little ones, under 18 months old, exams are pretty basic. Hygienists will perform a fast visual check of teeth and talk about any concerns with parents.

An overview of diet and nutrition for healthy teeth, what to expect with tooth eruption and proper at-home oral care is covered. Whether or not there will be an actual cleaning depends on how the child feels about it. Maybe a show and tell of dental tools is all that’s required—which is a great way to prep them for their next visit. Or, a full dental cleaning and visit from the pediatric dentist may be on the agenda.

Dental Cleaning for Older Children

Kids who are ready for a full exam and dental cleaning can sit back, relax and watch their favorite movie or TV show while the work takes place. Dental x-rays, cleaning, flossing and a fluoride treatment are the whole shebang. None of this is painful, and kids can pick out their favorite fluoride flavor as a well-earned “reward.”

Unlike adult cleanings, most dental cleanings for children are more of a polish than a deep cleaning with drills, picks and other not-so-friendly looking devices.

Hygienists will also talk with children about how to best care for their teeth at home. Using the “tell, show, do” method, hygienists explain each of the tools, show children how to use them (whether it’s a toothbrush or floss) and then do the activity correctly so kids have an example to follow when they get home.

Schedule Dental Exams for Your Children in Lacey and Tacoma, Washington

Our dentists thoroughly check for any problem areas, and if any pop up, a plan of action will be made. Oh, and don’t forget about the take-home prize at the end of each visit. Who knew going to the dentist could be so much fun?